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Fresh Pizza


In this niche market, experience counts, and no one knows the deli pizza business better than we do. Using our specialised know-how, we've developed the innovative Deli Pizza Programme, providing you with one source for all your pizza film, boards and other equipment - saving you costs and time. With this expertise, together with our flexible production and design processes, we can help find solutions to all your pizza packaging needs. So, it's no surprise we're the UK's market leaders - the most trusted supplier of specialist pizza film, board and equipment to the leading supermarket chains and food processors. With BRCGS Packaging food safe accreditation, we're a partner you can trust - a safe bet to deliver quality time and time again.

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Corrugated Pizza Discs:

White Kraft / Test B Flute - Available in:

  • 7"

  • 9"

  • 10"

  • 12"

  • 14"

Solid Board Discs:

I Side PE Coated - Available in:

  • 6"

  • 7"

  • 8"

  • 9"

  • 10"

  • 12"

  • 14"

White/White or White/Brown.
Available in different grammages and in Pizza Rectangles and Ovals

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Pizza Capping Film, 12 Micron Polyolefin

Superb shelf appeal is key to your pizza sales and by using our film you're guaranteed a high gloss, high clarity, anti fog finish, with excellent shrink properties to minimise product slippage.

  • 15x15" - 1250 sheets/roll

  • 18x18" - 1000 sheets/roll

  • 20x20" - 850 sheets/roll

  • 22x22" - 800 sheets/roll

  • 24x24" - 750 sheets/roll

  • 27x27" - 588 sheets/roll

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Pizza Capper or Pizza Capper Kit

Our cappers are designed for the deli pizza counter so that a pizza can be tightly wrapped in just 10-15 seconds, ensuring no misting of film at the chilled counter - only high clarity and sparkle to encourage impulse purchases.

  • Our capper is economical and compact, saving you money and space.

  • Available with film dispenser & safety fork.

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